Software Developer Consultant, San Diego, California

About This Website

For many years, I did business under the name "Successful Software", initially a dba registered in San Diego and later incorporated as a California corporation. I eventually dissolved that corporation and since 2003 have simply been doing business under my own name, Scott Reis. At that time I acquired the domain name "".

Over the years, the technologies I have employed on my own websites have changed, just as they have changed dramatically in the industry. Currently, this website employs principally ASP.NET and Bootstrap / responsive design techniques. (You may have noticed web pages on this site which end in ".aspx" which is the extension for ASP.NET web pages.)

Responsive design enables this website to run on anything from desktops to tablets to smartphones. If you narrow the width of your browser right now, you will see how this design automatically adjusts on the fly to devices with different screen sizes. This is especially evident as you view my home page. When you adjust your screen width down to the size of a smartphone or small tablet, you will notice that the website menu automatically collapses into an icon to conserve screen space. Clicking on the menu icon causes the menu to reappear in a format more suited to the display size of such devices.

As time goes on I will no doubt employ other technologies on this website as well, as this has always been and will likely continue to be an industry characterized by constant change.