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Crystal Reports Consultant

Crystal Reports Consultant: With Crystal Reports, a consultant can produce standard reports, cross-tabs, subreports, and graphs. Reports can be created that give the user the ability to interactively explore the report at run time. Report data can be exported to formats such as PDF, Excel Spreadsheet (.xls), Word Document (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), and HTML. A Crystal Reports consultant can use Crystal Reports to seamlessly integrate reports into custom applications.

For a number of years, Crystal Reports has been a leading report design tool. Through company acquisitions and renaming, we have seen a variety of company names associated with the Crystal Reports product. The original company that created the product was Crystal Services. Later, this became a Seagate Software product, then Crystal Decisions, then Business Objects, and now Crystal Reports is owned by SAP.

There are a variety of "off the shelf" software packages today that come with a set of Crystal Reports that have already been integrated into the package to provide the application's reporting functionality. Often, these applications allow a consultant to modify these already-existing reports. The package may also allow new reports to be added into the application's collection of reports. With some applications, the consultant may be able to modify a report from within a "designer" component that has already been integrated into the application. With other applications, a Crystal Reports consultant may be required to use a separate copy of Crystal Reports in order to modify existing reports or to add new ones.

Are you in need of having a consultant create or modify reports using Crystal Reports? Do you have an application with a set of integrated Crystal Reports, and would you like one or more of these integrated reports modified, or additional reports created and added into to the application's collection of reports? Please send an email to describing what you would like to have done so that we can talk further about your particular situation.