Software Developer Consultant, San Diego, California

Remote Support

I frequently support companies remotely. If there is a need for me to access your system remotely, there are a number of ways this can be accomplished. Below are some of the products available for remote access and file transfer, including options available for free.

If you have a large file that you are trying to send me via email, but that file is proving to be too large for your email provider and is rejected, please let me know via email. I'll reply with a link for you to use when sending me large files.

Most email providers limit the size of a file that they will allow you to send as an attachment. This size limitation may vary from 1 MB up to 30 MB or more, depending on your provider. If an email with an attachment of 1 MB or larger keeps getting rejected, this may be the reason. I will send you a link for my personal YouSendIt "Dropbox", which will permit you to send me large files without this limitation.

Remote Desktop Connection

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection allows you to connect to a computer in another location. Once connected, you see the desktop of that computer as if you were sitting in front of it, with access to the programs and files of that computer. The software for connecting remotely is already included with many versions of Windows. However, if the computer to which you are trying to connect is only "visible" from within a local network and not accessible from the internet, not even through the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, then Remote Desktop Connection may not be a viable option.


LogMeIn ( provides a number of products with various features for connecting remotely to another computer. The free version of LogMeIn provides good basic access, allowing you to see the desktop of the connected computer and work as if you were sitting right in front of it. The free version does not provide file transfer, but once connected file transfer can always be accomplished by other means. (, a LogMeIn product, is a web conferencing site providing free screen sharing and online meetings. This has got to be the easiest-to-use method of screen sharing I have ever seen. It is hard to imagine how it could possibly be simpler. Give it a try. There is no need to register. You will be sharing your screen in a single click after browsing to this site (not counting download dialogs on first use).

If you are experiencing some kind of problem that would be better explained by just showing me what you have on your screen, this is a very quick and easy way to do just that.


YouSendIt ( offers a number of services for transferring files from one computer to another. The free or "Lite" version allows file sizes up to 100 megabytes to be transferred. Other options are available to transfer files up to 2 gigabytes in size.