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Reporting Services Consultant

Reporting Services Consultant: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based reporting tool. It was first introduced prior to the release of SQL2005 as a separate add-on feature that could be obtained for SQL2000. Beginning with the release of SQL2005, Reporting Services has been included as one of the components available on most versions of the SQL Server installation media. As a consultant, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services since it was still in "beta" prior to its initial release. Since that time, many improvements and additional features have been added.

Reporting Services comes with an ad-hoc reporting tool that is launched from its browser-based Report Manager. There is also a Report Designer accessible from within the Visual Studio IDE that a Reporting Services consultant can use to access powerful features for report design. The product can deliver reports in PDF format as well as other formats. It has features for automated, scheduled report delivery. SQL Server Reporting Services can also be integrated into custom applications.

Reporting Services allows you to report on a variety of databases and data sources. It is not limited to data stored in SQL Server databases. In addition, SQL Reporting Services can report on data stored in Analysis Services "cubes" using MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) queries. The Visual Studio IDE assists a Reporting Services consultant with creating these MDX queries.

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