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Access Programming

Access development is widely used both by small or medium size companies as well as by large corporations having numerous departmental databases. It is useful both as an end-user database and as a programmer's tool.

Are you looking for a programmer to create a new application using Access? This product lends itself both to having a developer "rough out" something quickly that can be very functional, as well as to producing applications that are quite "polished" in both appearance and function. A Microsoft Access programmer can design your application to work in a multiuser networked environment, sharing data among a number of users, or the software can be built as a simple, single-user application.

Do you have an existing Access database that you would like modified? An MS Access developer may be able to enhance your existing database in ways that you may not have realized were possible.

Access programmers can also design applications in which the data is stored in another database, such as MS SQL Server, although the "code" or "front end" portion (containing forms, reports, queries, etc.) remains in Access. In this way your data is still accessible from your existing familiar user interface.

Do you feel you are beginning to reach the limits of what you can do with an existing Access application? Are you thinking about "upsizing" the "back end" database to Microsoft SQL Server? Would you like to consider also having Access developers replace the "front end" or "code" portion with an in-house web application written for ASP.NET using programming in one of Microsoft's .NET languages such as C# or Visual Basic.NET?

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