Software Developer Consultant, San Diego, California

Access Development

I have been developing applications using Access programming since version 2.0 was released in 1993. What I like about this platform is that it makes custom software development more cost effective for many small businesses and for many departmental uses in larger companies. A Microsoft Access developer can create a very functional application more rapidly than with other methods. This is especially valuable where budget constraints may not support development using other Microsoft tools such as C#, or SQL Server. Access enables a programmer to get something up and running in a relatively short time. Yet in doing so, it still allows developers an upgrade path to Microsoft SQL Server should you one day need a more powerful database solution than what an Access program alone can provide.

Packaged Software Development

Programmers can also create an Access developed packaged solution that can be sold or redistributed to many other businesses. The package can be distributed with Microsoft's royalty-free Runtime. In that way it can be used on computers that do not currently have a copy of Access installed. This does not give the user all the capabilities of the full product. For example, the user would not have the ability to develop new Access reports, the ability to create new data entry screens, nor other features that a programmer may make use of when initially designing the solution. But it does make all of the Access programmed reports, screens, queries, etc., that have already been developed and placed into the database available to the user. It does not require that the user purchase their own copy of Access.

If you would like to discuss how Access can fill a database application need in your company, please get in touch with me. I work for clients as a developer in San Diego and in other cities via remote support.